At his core, James Prosper Carmouche (Moustache Jim), is an artist. Starting off in childhood with drawing and painting, he spent most of his late teens and twenties cultivating his skills in portraiture and line drawing. 


James transferred his skills in composition to photography by developing a keen eye and a remarkable ability to set the stage for his subjects. His work as a musician and host around Minneapolis has surrounded him in a community of diverse performers, many of whom are featured in his photography, and helped him develop his unique and classic style.  

Throughout the years, the continuous thread has been his desire to fulfill what he believes is his purpose: to create. As a self-taught artist, James continues to use his inspired creativity to produce art that is both beautiful and honest.


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"edition 2 Moustache Jim Studios Satisfying Making of "

moustacheJim Studios

september 2021 

(collaged footage from crew and cast)

"Moustache Jim Presents"

Moustache Jim Studios, South Minneapolis, MN

Jan 2020

(collaged footage from crew and cast)



It would be an honor to hear from you! Shoots often last a few hours, so plan accordingly. I am happy to answer any questions you may have, as each shoot is a unique experience, and like fingerprints, has it's own unique set of prints.


All prints are produced in the darkroom at Moustache Jim Studios home office, using traditional and alternative chemical processes. All prints are silver gelatin, archival, and produced by hand. Larger prints and hand colorized prints are offered as one of a kind. Editions up to 5 are available for select sizes and prints. 


Exhibitions are one of most rewarding parts of the process when it comes to getting my work out into the world. It would be an absolute honor to get the chance to share this with you. I look forward to hearing from you.



I look forward to hearing from you! Please send me a note and we will start the conversation.


4041 Clinton Ave. 

Minneapolis, MN 55409

(651) 343-4003